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Simulation, Part 2
Intake Duration
New Cams

Fred Houston and Larry Sigworth used an engine simulator to test 26 different camshafts for the Model T. This information was published in Secrets - The Ford Speed and Sport Magazine. The results are summarized in Part 1, which was published in, Vol. 8, No. 4, pp. 15-19, April 1999, while details of the methods and results are given in Part 2 which was published in Vol. 9, No. 1, pp 1-15, July, 1999.  These articles are reprinted here under the Simulation Part 1 and 2 buttons.  Hardcopy reprints may be ordered from the Secrets of Speed Society.

The most important conclusion from the simulation study was that the intake valve duration is extremely important, and that the available Model T reground cams have too much intake valve duration.  To see this effect click on Intake Duration.

The same simulation procedure has been used to predict the performance of the new camshafts (see Cam Designs).  To see these results, click on New Cams.


1. The simulations would not have been possible without the flow bench data measured by Wayne Atkinson.  The data is in an article entitled "Flow Testing the Model T" published in Secrets of Speed and also in the January-February, 1999 issue of Model T Times.  Although not mentioned in the article, all of Wayne's flow data was measured at 10 inches of water and is not corrected.

2. The simulator used is Engine Analyzer from Performance Trends.  Some of the later simulations may differ slightly from earlier ones due to small differences in the program and data.