New Cams



Simulated power and torque for the new cams (see Cam Designs) are presented in the graphs below.  The first two graphs give the predicted power and torque for a Model T engine, which is stock in all respects except for the camshaft.  The last two graphs present the horsepower and torque when a high compression head is used on an otherwise stock Model T.  Curves for a stock T cam and the best of the reground cams, the 270 Touring cam (see Simulation, Part 1), are included for comparison.  To understand what effect these differences will have on the performance of your car, look at Power & Torque

Below about 1300 RPM, the stock cam and all of the new cams produce similar performance.  At low RPM, the simulator predicts the reground cam to produce about 10 to 15% less power and torque than the other cams.  These results are typical for reground cams, due to their long duration, and are supported by dyno testing. The new cams are predicted to have 3 to 11% greater peak power than a stock cam.  The predicted peak power for the reground cam is similar to that for the new 280 cam.  The beauty of the new cams is that you can achieve the good low end power of a stock cam together with the better high end power of the reground cam.