Fenders, etc.



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The catalog shows the racer body with motorcycle fenders, but mine came with full fenders.  Each fender was made in two parts.  The main fender was stamped out and the aprons were rivited to it.  At first I thought the fenders would be easy to restore, but upon closer examination I realized they needed a lot of work.  The main stamped portions were in pretty good shape, but every one of them had a stress crack on the outer edge.  The aprons were very poorly made to begin with and were now beat up.  They had many raw edges and the bottom of the aprons were not the same on the left and right sides.  I replaced the bottom sections of every fender.  The splash aprons and hood shelf were also pretty beat up.

fender_front_01.jpg (333885 bytes)

This shows a typical fender apron.  As you can see they were crudely made to start with.  The holes for the headlight mounting were rough and the aprons were beat up.  The lines are where I cut it off and replaced metal.



fender_front_02.jpg (390590 bytes)




fender_front_03.jpg (357778 bytes)


This shows the fender after welding in part of the patch.


fender_rear_04.jpg (355796 bytes)


These are the rear fenders after patching


fender_front_05.jpg (69397 bytes)


This shows a typical fender split after welding.



I reinforced one of the fenders by welding this piece to the inner lip


fender_front_08.jpg (57112 bytes)


This shows the reinforcing piece as it is being plug welded.


fender_front_17.jpg (63774 bytes)


These new brackets were made for the fronts.  I also made an extra bracket to give additional support at the back of the rear fenders.


fender_front_11.jpg (242080 bytes)


Lot of time was spent on alignment


fender_18.jpg (48563 bytes)


This is the final test fit.  The rear fenders are supported by rods and a turnbuckle that go all the way through the tail.  This makes installation of the rear fenders tricky.


P7070005.JPG (64631 bytes)


The splash aprons were also beat up.  Since these are straight bends, I had a shop make new ones, then I trimmed the ends, and fitted them to the fenders.


P7070008.JPG (68590 bytes)

The hood shelves were wood with a metal covering.  They were also beat up.  I had a metal shop do all the straight cuts and breaks.  I reused the wood after repairing it with epoxy, then I trimmed and fitted the new covering.



Head01.JPG (72802 bytes)


The lights also required some work.  These are the original drum headlights and a couple of accessory stop lights.


Stop04.JPG (261788 bytes)


This is the stop light I plan to use.


Turn01.JPG (69779 bytes) 

These are the accessory rear turn lights that came with the car.



Turn02.JPG (72368 bytes)

Turn03.JPG (62360 bytes)