Here are some pages out of the ABC Catalog.  Click on the image to enlarge it, then use your Back button to get back to this page.

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I received copies of the ABC Catalog from Jarvis Erickson and Larry Sigworth.  This one is labeled "Catalogue Number Eighteen" and "1924 Series"



cat02.gif (33584 bytes)This page lists general specification of the materials and workmanship. Statements such as "2 inch deep sills" and "the joints are bolted and screwed together" appear to be false (see Project).



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This page describes the Commodore Body.  There was also a Senator roadster body and Victor and Highway Sport Bodies.  If you've seen one of these, I'd like to know about it.



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This page describes the Racing Body with its distinctive trunk lid.  They also made a Dirt Track Special and Bucket Seat Scout.



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Some of the optional equipment is described on this page.




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The ABC lowering brackets are described on this page.