What we do


Talimena Tour

Here are some samples of the activities we do.  


We usually have at least one activity every month (see Calendar) in addition to the monthly meetings.  Click on the buttons at the left to see more information on specific events.  To see a larger view of the pictures below, click on them, then use your browser "back" button to get back to this page.


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We go on tours with our cars. Here we are getting ready to start a tour at 31st and Riverside Drive in Tulsa.  Click on the buttons at left for information on specific tours.





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We do parades. This one was in Claremore.





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We display our cars at other civic events. 

Here we are at the historic Sophian Plaza.




Chataugua.jpg (55734 bytes)


We displayed our cars and dressed in period cloths for Henry Ford night at Chataugua.





Pawnee1.jpg (26794 bytes)


At the Pawnee Steam and Gas Engine Show we converted Mike Bender's touring car to a tractor.





Pawnee2.jpg (24223 bytes)


And then plowed with it.





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We get together to help each other with our cars.  Here we are installing a top on Ken and Peggy Banta's 1926 coupe.





rebuildingtrans.jpg (31670 bytes)


Here we are rebuilding a transmission at Fred Houston's Model T Garage.  





DynoHeads02.jpg (39836 bytes)


We work on projects to help us understand and improve the performance of our Model Ts.  Some of these projects have considered improved camshafts, transmission shaft alignment and Model T heads.  See Technical for information about these and other projects.



JimRoof02.jpg (25839 bytes)


Almost anyone can appear at the Model T Garage.  Here is Fred Houston with Jim Roof, grandson of Robert M. Roof