Here are some photographs of the car at the time I acquired it.  Click on any of the pictures to enlarge it, then use the "Back" button to get back to this page.  The car looked pretty good in the photos, that's why I traveled to California to get it.  However, photos can be deceiving.  Actually, the paint was not very good, there were many poorly executed body repairs.  For example, the nice natural wood pieces above the step plates were the previous owner's idea of how to do rust repair, i.e. cover it up. The car has several period accessories, e.g. Rajo oil level gauge (see photo below), Ford Faithful outside oil line, Williams foot accelerator, vintage hand brake lever extension (see photo), spotlight, drum headlights, vintage rear turn and stop lights.  The car has a cross flow Rajo head with two Carter BB carburetors.  It was running reasonably well, but it had no neutral.  As soon as I started to look at the clutch, one of the triple gear pins fell out of the flywheel.  This made the decision to restore immediately, rather than to drive it for a while first. 

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