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This site is dedicated to information about the Auto Body Company of Chicago, maker of accessory bodies for Ford and Chevrolet cars in the 1920s.  It also features information about the restoration of an original speedster which has one of these bodies (see Project).  

The drawing above is the nicest one I have found (click on it for larger view and caption).  It was in a calendar which came to me from Joe Michalek.  Joe found it at a garage sale.  It has some artistic license, because the actual body looks a bit different.

The Auto Body Company (ABC) produced accessory bodies for Ford Model Ts and Chevrolet Chassis.  They advertised regularly from about July 1921 through April 1926. Very little else is known of this company other than the addresses.  In 1922 the address was 549 W. Washington Blvd., Chicago, Illinois.  At least two other addresses appeared in later ads. The following is a scan of one of their ads.

They offered several roadster style bodies - Commodore, Senator, Victor and Highway Sport Bodies.  They also offered three speedster style bodies - ABC Racing Body, Dirt Track Special and Bucket Seat Scout.  As options, they offered fenders, tire carrier, step plates, disk wheels and ABC underslung parts.

I am aware of only two surviving examples of these bodies.  Click on the link to see the progress in my restoration project.

If you have any information about the Auto Body Co. or its products, please email Larry Young


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